Cotati voters exercise common sense that city council lacks

Last night, the voters of Cotati emphatically told the city council that the council and city staff are supposed to work for them, and not vice versa.

Measure U passed by what most people would call a landslide, 57.6% to 42.4%.  After telling the council for nearly a year that their Village Main Street Plan was an ill-designed nightmare, and having their opinion consistently ignored, the voters made their wishes crystal clear, and voted to permanently ban roundabouts in the city limits.

Now that ban is in place, and Cotati can grow in a realistic direction instead of a flawed one. Major thanks to everyone who supported this measure. Shame on the city  council for making Measure U necessary. And finally, a word of caution to the city council: Don’t even think of trying any legal challenges to reverse the will of the voters. The same voters who stood up to you this time will stand up again and demand your recall.


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